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Sustainability Green Salon Collective Recycled Ethical Hair Salon

We recycle the metal waste and hair after appointments.

Working with Green Salon Collective:

"Research from Eco Hair & Beauty shows that UK hairdressers recycle a frightening/shocking/pathetic 1% of their foil.

It's not just used foil, it's all salon metals that are being sent to landfill. Your hairspray cans and many styling products are likely to be made from metal, colour tubes are metal and even the can of pop you had at lunch should be recycled too.

A major issue for many council collections is that your foils are too dirty and contaminated, but for us, the dirtier the better as every foil with excess colour on it is colour that is not going down the sink or being sent to landfill. So give us your dirtiest foil!"

Biodegradable towels hair salon ethicle recycled less water

We use towels

that are

100% Biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Meaning we can reduce our use of water, energy and detergents.

We use white waffle hair towels that are thick, soft, and ultra absorbent. 

100% Biodegradeable

Our towels biodegrade in 8 weeks and are compostable

paul mitchell shampoo conditioner

We are proud to work with and make 

Paul Mitchell products available to our guests. 

"John Paul Mitchell Systems® pride themselves on being eco-conscious and environmentally friendly as they continually search for sustainable ingredients and work toward adopting the most current green practices in packaging and supply chain."

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