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How to go bespoke
Balayage at Russell James will start from £90  However we will need to review your hair to confirm this. 
You can book a free consultation with your stylist to discuss further. 

Balayage is personal & bespoke hair colour service, using a technique where colour is hand painted onto the hair to create a beautiful graduated and natural looking highlight effect.

Why is it popular?

It's bespoke! Every balayage is different for each guest. The placement, colour, and graduation is all based on your hair, its texture, and even length, so it can be personalised to work with facial features. 

Also key is that long term it takes less maintenance than other colour services. 

How is it different to other highlight techniques?
Standard foil highlights are placed close to the roots.  They are generally bright, with  more definite colour being positioned throughout the hair. Giving a gentle sun kissed look.

You might hear about Babylights/ Microlights, these are delicate thin and narrow highlights.  Depending on how the lights are applied these can create subtle tones or high density lights. These are still wrapped in foil. 

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